Biodynamic MASSAGE

Biodynamic Massage offers a gentle and effective way to help bring about Emotional and Physical balance and regulation and to encourage energy and vitality to flow more freely.  It is also another way of being listened to but through the body.

What is Biodynamic Massage?

Biodynamic Massage has been called Psychotherapy through the body and if you are already in talking-based Psychotherapy you may find it a helpful adjunct to this work. These specialist massages have been developed to address and help process the history stored in body tissues at all levels: bone, muscle, fascia and skin to the ‘energy body’ or aura level.

Biodynamic Massage is suitable for anyone experiencing physical or emotional challenges and symptoms impacting life and it offers a route towards self-regulation. It is not only useful for ill-health, if you enjoy vitality and energy already it can be a way of enhancing the pleasure of deep relaxation and your sense of aliveness.

Who can Benefit from it?

Some of the issues Biodynamic Massage may help improve are:

How does Biodynamic Massage differ from other Massage?

In Biodynamic Massage a specialist amplified stethoscope is gently placed on your belly.  The sounds of your belly (called Psychoperistalis in Biodynamic theory) provide biofeedback to guide the massage.

Most people find that they not only get used to their ‘sounds’ but that it has a profound effect on developing self-awareness and connection with the physicality of the inner world and emotions.

These sounds are the body’s language, another form of expression to words. Whether it comes verbally or through the body expression is
essential to allowing the completion and integration of emotional cycles
and to reaching a deep state of restorative relaxation.

Sometimes it may feel more appropriate to use the session to talk, and this is part of the regulating process.

No massage oil is used in Biodynamic Massage and it can be through direct touch on skin or through light clothes.

How might Biodynamic Massage help?

This is a regulating way of working and so if you feel ‘scattered’ the massage can help ground, if you feel tense it can help you relax and if you feel low in energy or depressed it can bring up the energy.  Most importantly though this is about accepting you however you are feeling at any one time.

How many sessions will you need?

I recommend a minimum of 6 to 10 sessions taken weekly or fortnightly.  Many people continue having regular sessions beyond this time or re-contract to Biodynamic Psychotherapy sessions.

Specialist Massages

The type of massage used will depend on how you tend to deal with stress habitually, your muscle tone firm or soft, but most importantly we’ll work with how feel on the day of your massage and how you have been since your last massage, if you’ve chosen on-going sessions.