Biodynamic Massage

What is Biodynamic Massage?

Biodynamic Massage addresses the whole person seeing mind, body and emotions as one.  Our bodies  speak our feelings and our emotions are also how we feel (or don’t feel) physically.  This approach involves a wide range of specialist massages  which have been developed to address and digest stress stored in body tissues.  The massages work on all levels from bone, muscle, fascia and skin to the ‘energy body’ or aura level.                                                                                         It is suitable for anyone experiencing physical or emotional challenges and symptoms impacting life and it offers a route to integration when perhaps you may have felt chaotic and ‘scattered’ or numb and ‘cut-off’.  Biodynamic Massage isn’t only useful for ill-health, if you enjoy vitality and energy it can be a wonderful way to enhance the pleasurable experience of deep relaxation.

Who can it Benefit from it?

Biodynamic Massage can help you if you are experiencing:

Headaches, Migraines, Digestive problems, Fatigue,  Aches and pains,  Muscular tension and stiffness, Anxiety or Panic Attacks, Depression, Mood Swings, PTSD and many other Chronic physical symptoms.

At the heart of Biodynamic Therapy…

…is the simple idea that we store our life history in our bodies, our tissues, breathing, postural, emotional and behavioural patterns.   If we’re not able to process minor or major, recent or childhood traumas at the time they happen then stress residue can  show up in physical discomfort or dis-ease or patterns of thinking and behaviours.

‘Biodynamic’ means ‘life force’ and this approach is based on the understanding that our vitality and strength comes from an energetic source that flows in us, around us and through us.  When trauma happens, if we are not able to use our full life force to escape the situation then blocks to it’s flow may occur.  Over time these blocks may develop into our physical, emotional and behavioural patterns.

How does Biodynamic Massage differ from other Massage?

In Biodynamic Massage a specialist amplified stethoscope is gently placed on your belly.  The sounds of your belly provide biofeedback to guide the massage.

Most people find that they not only get used to their ‘sounds’ but that it has a profound effect on developing self-awareness and connection with the physicality of their emotions.  Another way of thinking of the sounds is as another form of expression. Whether it’s expressing with words or through the digestion it often makes us feel better afterwards.

No massage oil is used in Biodynamic Massage.

Specialist Massages

There is a wide range of massage that might help you depending on how you tend to deal with stress habitually, your muscle tone which might be firm or soft, but most importantly how you are on the day of your massage and how you have been since your last massage, if you’ve chosen to have on-going sessions.

Ways Biodynamic Massage May Help You…

Some people say that Biodynamic Massage helps them feel more ‘together’ giving them more of a sense of structure, and solidity if they usually feel ‘scattered’. Others say it helps them feel more sense of spaciousness and expansiveness when they often feel a sense of numbness or feel a bit cut off from their emotions.  We work together towards supporting  your natural regulation.

When emotions are allowed to flow through your body more freely as a result of the massages, it may lead to you experiencing feelings of pleasure and deep relaxation or you may simply feel more comfortable in your body than you usually do. Sometimes you may feel more emotional than usual but somehow all the better for it and in time this may you feel more in charge of your moods.


The origins of Biodynamic Massage

Biodynamic Massage was developed by a Norwegian Physiotherapist, Psychologist and Psychoanalyst Gerda Boyesen who brought it to the UK in 1968 where she set up a school and taught for many years.  Her personal journey in therapy and bodywork and years of observing her clients led her to discover the secondary function of the digestive system: the digestion of the emotions through the gut which she called the Theory of Psychoperistalsis.

If you’re interested in learning more about Biodynamic Massage and Psychotherapy please click this link for some interesting articles

Whoever you are and whatever has brought you to looking for help  Biodynamic Therapy can help you in reaching more of life’s riches.


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