Reflexology for Natural Fertility Support

Natural Fertility Support

Supporting you with Reflexology through your Fertility Journey

  • Maybe you’re just thinking about starting a family and you want to look at what you can do to get into the best shape before conceiving
  • Or perhaps you have been trying to conceive for a while now and you’re wondering why it’s taking so long

Whatever stage you are at this specially developed approach geared towards treating couples combines practical self-help and reflexology to provide valuable support for your physical and emotional health and well-being.

Reflexology is now known to be helpful in reducing the physical and emotional effects of stress.   There is now evidence that stress can affect a person’s  fertility*.  When you feel mentally and physically relaxed and in touch with your emotions you are in a much better state to receive what your body needs in the way of healing and re-balancing.

For further information about this approach please contact me directly or go to The Association of Reproductive Reflexology website.


*G.M Buck Louis KJ. Lum, M.S. Rajeshwari Sundaram, Z. Chen, S. Kim, C.D. Lynch, E.F. Schesterman, C. Pyper (2010) Stress reduces conception probabilities across the fertile window: evidence in support of relaxation. In Fertility and Sterility Vol. 95

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